Check-In Time

My surgery is tomorrow. My check-in time is 8:30am.

The early check-in is welcome; since I can’t eat after midnight (doctor’s orders — I’ll turn into a gremlin). The sooner I am into surgery the less time i’ll spend being hungry.

Sorry to be morose, but there is a tiny sliver of a chance that I’ll die during the surgery. So, just to rub it in, here’s a list of the titles of upcoming posts you’ll miss out on:

  • In which I tell you how to ginsu your guts
  • Suddenly, everyone is a dietitian and personal trainer
  • No, you go fuck yourself, Guy Behind the Counter at Krispy Kreme
  • My family loves me
  • Some books to read

The 8:30 check-in gives us enough time to get all the kids off to school, assuming it isn’t cancelled. For the historians visiting from the future, there’s a winter storm going on right now so it’s possible that school will be cancelled tomorrow. If so, that’ll suck for my lovely wife who will have to deal with all the kids while I’m relaxing in bed and high as a kite on drugs.

Still doesn’t seem real.